A skin allergy test is the test that checks whether you are allergic to the hair color

Even a person who has used hair color many times in the past without any irritation has a chance of having irritation due to constitution change, etc. Be sure to conduct the skin allergy test two days (48 hours) before coloring hair, every time. When conducting take the following procedure.

The skin allergy test is the most effective method to check the potential of allergic reaction by hair color. There is no alternative to the skin allergy test at the present time. To judge the condition, it is necessary to check the immediate-type reaction that occurs after short time from starting the test and the delayed-type reaction that occurs after long time from starting the test. To achieve that, it is necessary to check the test part twice in total, after 30 minutes and after 48 hours. Follow the instruction leaflet and be sure to conduct the skin allergic test 48 hours before coloring hair every time.

In case any irritation occurs, immediately see a dermatologist. The longer it takes to get appropriate medical attention, the longer it takes to treat the symptoms. It is important to get medical treatment as soon as possible

Method of Skin Allergy Test

1. Prepare the Test Mixture

Permanent Powder Products

Take a pinch of Bigen Powder in a non-metallic bowl or cup and mix with room-temperature water to make a paste.

Colorant and Developer Products

Mix small amounts of Colorant and Developer of the hair color to be used at a specified proportion with a cotton swab on a saucer (do not use a metallic saucer) to prepare the test agent.

Single-bottle Creme Products

Squeeze out a small amount of the product onto the tip a cotton swab.

2 Apply the Test Agent

Apply the test agent on the medial side of the arm by using a cotton swab in a size of about 1 square inch. Naturally dry the test agent.

If the applied test agent does not dry even after approximately 30 minutes, lightly wipe with tissue paper.

3. Leave for 48 Hours

Leave for 48 hours without touching.

  • Be sure to check and follow the time instruction.
  • Avoid taking a bath or shower on the day of the skin allergic test if at all possible. If taking a bath or shower is unavoidable, pay close attention not to wet or rub the skin where the test agent is applied.
  • Be sure to observe the test part twice after 30 minutes and after 48 hours from application of the test agent. At that time, if there is any rash, redness, itch, blister, irritation, or any other skin abnormality, rinse the test part with water immediately. Do not rub the test part with hand. Do not use the hair color. If any of above symptoms appears even before 48 hours from the test, abort the test immediately and rinse off the test part. Do not use the hair color.
  • If there is any skin abnormality as a result of the skin allergic test, see a dermatologist.

4. Check That There is no Skin Abnormality

If there is no skin abnormality after 48 hours from the test, you may use the hair color.